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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how many interpreters I need for a specific conference?
Enterkon can offer you professional advice based on various language combinations, working hours and specific needs. For how long can an interpreter work? An interpreter can work on his/her own for 60 minutes at most. A team of at least two interpreters works in meetings which last longer than 60 minutes. The interpreters work by taking turns, working and resting every 20-30 minutes.
How can I be sure of confidentiality?
Enterkon's interpreters take a professional oath, vowing to respect the confidentiality of all information they are exposed to professionally. Enterkon is committed to a high level of professionalism and quality and maintains the highest standards in its professional ethics. It has a stong and impressive track record of work in highly confidential meetings. The interpreters return all documents they are given during the conference upon your request.
How do interpreters prepare for a technical meeting?
The interpreters are assigned to meetings based on their area of expertise. However, they are not and cannot be experts in all fields under the sun. They can request a meeting prior to the conference in order to familiarize themselves with the subject matter and terminology. No matter what the subject matter may be, it is always a good idea to provide the interpreters with programs, speeches, documents, etc. before the meeting.
Do interpreters also translate texts?
A simultaneous interpreter is a highly trained languages specialist on oral interpretation. However, most of our interpreters also translate texts. Please contact Enterkon's sister company Entra Language Services for your translation requests.
How do I engage the interpreters?
Please contact Enterkon by phone or e-mail. Once we have specific details about your meeting, we will send you a contract. You can finalize the contract by signing the relevant pages and sending the contract back to us.
What if my meeting lasts only half a day?
The interpreters are engaged on a daily basis only no matter what the duration of the meeting may be. There are no half-day or hourly rates; there is only a flat daily rate.
How do I pay the interpreters?
All financial transactions are carried out through Enterkon’s secretariat and not individual interpreters. The contract contains detailed information on payment terms and methods.
What happens when the interpreters need to travel to another city or country for a conference?
When the meeting is held at a place where Enterkon cannot recruit interpreters locally, the organizer covers the interpreters travel and full board accommodation expenses. A travel day charge may be accrued in cases when the trip to the meeting venue lasts longer than 4 hours or when the interpreters need to travel before the first day or after the last day of the meeting.